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Soon after announcing the disappearing message feature, WhatsApp announced a new storage management tool for the app. The new tool will automatically notify users about the storage getting full on their smartphones and let them delete junk data or photos, videos to free up storage space on the smartphone.

The new storage management tool is now live and if you are also facing storage issues due to all the junk data stored on your smartphone due to WhatsApp, follow our step-by-step guide to delete them at once.

Latest version of WhatsApp

Working internet connectivity

How to access the new storage management tool on WhatsApp


Open WhatsApp on your smartphone


Head to Settings and tap on Storage and data option


Here you will find Manage storage

How to delete data and clear storage using new storage management tool on WhatsApp

The Manage Storage page on WhatsApp is categorized in three parts — Storage bar, Review and delete items and Chats. Storage bar shows a small bar indicating how much data out of total smartphone storage is being consumed by WhatsApp at the moment. The Review and delete items section is further divided into two parts — Forwarded many times and Larger than 5MB. The Chats section shows all the media files from a particular chat or group at one place and it also organises the list based on data.

As we know that WhatsApp creates a copy of media files whenever they are shared with any contact on WhatsApp. So to delete such repeated copies of the same file, tap on Forwarded many times. Now, check whether you want to delete all the photos and videos then choose Select all checkbox from the top, or manually select the files you want to delete and tap on the Delete icon from the top right corner.

To delete files that are consuming the maximum space on your smartphone, tap on the Larger than 5MB option and delete the files you want.

Alternatively, you can also tap on any particular chat or group and delete photos and videos from there to free up storage space.

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