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How to avoid letting someone known to see you on Tinder

Tinder finally added the ability to block contacts using their phone number. This means if you do not want someone to cross your path on Tinder then you now have the option to permanently block them. This feature may come handy if you don’t want any friends or other contacts known to you from accidentally seeing your profile.

Wondering how to go about it? Here’s our step-by-step guide

Things you should know about Blocking feature on Tinder

  • Blocked contacts won’t be notified about getting blocked by you
  • You can block anyone from your contact this does not mean they are on Tinder
  • Blocking contacts doesn’t affect your existing matches or messages
  • Do keep in mind that if the contact info used to block someone does not match the info provided by them at the time of sign up then Tinder won’t be able to block the contact.

How does Tinder Block contacts feature work
Once a user decides to use the Blocked contact feature, Tinder uses their contact list and gives them the option to select all the contacts they want to avoid seeing on Tinder. Tinder claims that they only keep details (Name, contact number, email ID, etc) of blocked contacts.

Tinder also gives users the option to manually add contacts in case someone do not want to share contacts with Tinder.

How to block someone on Tinder


Open Tinder and tap the profile icon


Go to Settings, scroll down select Block Contacts


Grant Tinder permission to access your contacts


Under Contacts tab select people you want to avoid from contact list


Tap Block Contacts option

How to manually add contacts and block them on Tinder
If you do not want to share contacts with Tinder or simply want to block someone who’s not in the contact list. Follow these steps:

Open Tinder and tap the profile icon and go to Settings. Now, scroll down select Block Contacts, tap the + icon at the top of the screen
Input this person’s contact info and tap Done


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